A few months back I wrote about my Spanx Conversion, which while not quite a religious experience, did broaden my sartorial horizons a great deal. (Can you say, “pencil skirt”?)

But it seemed a bit extreme (and warm) to wear the Spanx under jeans and other more casual ensembles, so I continued to wear my Victoria’s Secret cotton Granny Panties in those circumstances, and lived with some VPL. I kept my eye out for panties that promised “no panty lines!” but they were almost always nylon (without going into TMI territory, a girl’s gotta breathe) or were far too expensive or delicate (like I’m going to hand wash a pair of panties every night!) for every day wear.

While shopping for some sleepwear for my recent hospital stay, I wandered into the Soma store, which is the Chico’s lingerie line. Now I know Everyone Hates Chico’s (or at least all of the fashion bloggers do, a topic which I plan to explore soon), but their Soma line has some practical and pretty sleepwear. While I was there, they were pushing the Vanishing Edge Panty, so I picked up a pair. Readers, these babies work. Instead of elastic in the back, they have silicone on the inside leg openings, which keeps them from riding up while maintaining a line-less appearance. They are comfortable, they breathe, and they can be washed/dried à la machine. The colors are limited, but they’re available in four different styles, and while not cheap, they seem to be pretty well made. They run small, so order a size up from your usual.
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